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About Us

“We are a bunch of happy and Technology addicted concerned people woven together to provide you the best effective digital communication solutions for your Business. We are techno geek, creative and courageous, driven by a rebellious instinct to move fearlessly and go beyond limits, and deliver excellence in digital communication. We are the bridge of immense possibilities connecting you to your customers/loved one in the digital space.”

Messaging Services


Transactional messages can be used only for sending OTP,Transactional Alerts to your registered Users.Alert can be sent 24X7 from your own 6 Character Sender Id


Generally used for sending any Offers/Coupons,Discounts to a new and Existing customers between 9:00AM to 9:00PM only with 6 Digit Numeric Sender Id


Generally used for sending Promotional and Transactional SMS to opted customers with 6 Character Sender Id.

Two-Way Messaging

Long Code and Short Code generally Used to engage your customers and know their interest in Your Marketing Campaign

Cloud Telephony

Explore and scale your connectivity through voice communication on cloud, Using cloud connectivity for your business allows you to make and receives call simultaneously without investing any capex on hardware and maintenance.

Easiest and Smartest way to manage you business calls or business promotions calls without compromising on quality


Intelligent way to connect your customers and agent at the click on the button as soon customer enter his/her number. Convert your web visitors into a potentials sales lead by prompt addressing his/her query, Retain your customers with instant response and gain customer loyalty.

Missed Call Services

Missed call service is the cost effective solution for multiples use-cases such as Lead generation, Online voting, Survey, Opt-in/Opt-out Services, Feedback. Missed call services auto disconnect the incoming call and quickly reconnect/acknowledge through SMS and voices services.

OBD Services

Out Bound Dialing (OBD) Easiest way to convey your message in your own voice, way to promote your business and reach massive number of people at a single click with pre-recorded message. Generally people use for feedback or survey and Election campaigns to address the audiences.

IVR and Toll Free Services

Interactive voice response (IVR) technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voice and DTMF tones inputs. Multi level IVR function help to customer to reach the right department. We offer vanity- numbers that makes your customer to remember ad recall easily.


Cloud Based Domain Specific customer acquisition and operational Optimization Platform for Business
LeadMentor arms you with data to optimize your work force,manage leads and communicate with them through multi channels. LeadMentor is a robust technology to help you save cost,better productivity and increase sales at minimal cost.
No more lost Leads,no more staff follow ups,get in complete control over your business inquires generated till their closure.

Better Lead Control

Track,Manage and Nurture Leads efficiently on a centralized Platform.

Better Communication

One Click Integrated voice,SMS,Email to help you to communicate with your prospects .

Business Analytics

Business inputs which matter,Hidden data to optimize workforce and increase profits.

Measure Campaign

Monitor the performance by Hour or by Minute and figure out whats working and whats not.

Amazing Messaging Features

SMS Opening ratio is more than 98% within 5 Seconds as compared to the Email which is 20% within 48 Hours.

More than 98% people always carry their Smart phones

  • Instant Delivery.
  • Personalized Messages while uploading Single Excel Sheet .
  • Bulk Push On a Single Click(5-10 Lacs on a Go).
  • Single API to Send OTP on SMS and Email
  • SMS Chat.
  • Automatic Mechanism for feedback over SMS and Voice.
  • Detailed Reporting .
  • Unicode Messaging(Support 15 Regional Languages) .
  • White Label Reseller Panel.
  • Round the Clock Delivery
  • DND Check
  • Manage Your AddressBook
  • Analytics
  • Dedicated TPS Allocation as per Campaign Need.

Amazing Voice Features

White-label reseller panel- Do business with own brand without spending any capex on hardware and maintenance, just upload your logo.

Use spacial connectivity for Election campaign- we allow our users to use plenty number of dedicated brand new PRIs which is rarely use in other election campaigns.

Advanced SIP Trunk Technology- Which allow us to allocate massive channels to handle any kind of volume.

Audio Call Conferencing- address your business mates and Connect from multiple locations by validating your conference pin number.

Detailed Reporting-Download the detailed report Account wise panel for detail reporting.

Amazing LeadMentor Features

Conversion is More than Buzzword .Is the key to any successful Marketing campaign .Turning prospective Leadsint happy customer is hard work, but it does not have to be so complicated .Its all about finding the "squeaky wheel" in your Marketing Campaign .

Get Going in No Time:LMS let you start bringing all of your Lead information and engagement together in one easy to use console.In just a few minutes you can offer personalized service on every channel quick.

Respond quickly: Route leads to your Team,armed with complete customer history .Deliver solution faster by Automating repetitive Tasks.Reduce time spent on simple Cases and put more energy into driving your Business.

Service that Grows wth You: LeadMentor is a Fully Customized Cloud Based Software. We are flexible enough to upgrade the LeadMentor as Per your business Needs.

Assigned,Transfer,Import,Export Leads:Through LeadMentor you can manage branches and distrbuted teams and Track and Trace the work of individual effectively.And it very easy with the LeadMentor to Import and Export the Leads from the Third Party.

Call To Action

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Frequently Asked Questions

Choose the best SMS route suited for your business. Our promise to provide you an easy-to- use, fast and most reliable medium to communication whether it is for bulk SMS marketing or for customer engagement.

    Bulk SMS

  • Transactional SMS used to send alert about their banking transactions, OTPs, Order booking confirmations and other informations to the Opt-in customers 24/7.

  • Promotional SMS used to send Offers/Coupons, Discounts to promote your business, products to new and existing customers between 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM .Promotional SMS can't be sent on DND mobile numbers.

  • Promotional SMS Transactional SMS
    Sender ID not required Sender ID required
    Sender ID should be 6 digit numeric i.e. AM: 654321 Sender ID should be 6 charterer alphabetic i.e. AM: HDFCBK
    Open Template Template approval required
    Any kind of SMS can be sent Only transactional SMS can be sent
  • Personalized SMS can be Used to send same message with different parameters on each mobile numbers. That means Different messages to different numbers for Ex: Dear Mr. John your son score 98% marks in Maths.

  • Messages sent other than English languages i.e called Unicode SMS. Unicode SMS support more than 15 regional language, Unicode feature allows you to send messages in different languages.

  • This route generally used both promotional and transactional SMSs so that you can send any informational SMS hassle-free to Opt-in customers and it can't be sent on DND numbers. CBIS SMS gateway assures you best-in-class delivery rates for both promotional SMS and transactional SMS alerts

  • Yes ! CBIS Offers White-label reseller panel with dedicated TPS.

  • CBIS provides API (HTTP, HTTPS, XML) and SMPP connectivity with mu Plug-ins

  • We have a reporting section on panel with multiple option for detailed reporting. You can extract 30 days report from panel

  • Yes you can create multiples business address books by manually and by uploading excel sheet.

  • Voice & OBD

  • Yes, Digital Solution provides wide range of OBD services with API connectivity and panel with white-labeled feature.

  • Yes, Digital Solution provides range of missed call services on Land-line, virtual number and toll free number with auto response API which help to engage your right set of customer.

  • Yes, CBIS Offers White-label reseller panel.

  • Yes, We provide API and direct access of our node to use your application to sen pre-recorded OBD calls.


Our promise is to provide you an user friendly, fast and most reliable medium to reach/communicate with your customers and partners. We believe in helping businesses to solve your marketing challenges.

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